Love shines through

If the one ever appeared, anyone else would just be a compromise. But I don’t want to compromise.” This line has become the talk of the town since TV drama My Sunshine debuted on Jan 10. It has become an instant hit, with the premiere episode reaching a record 104 million online views by the end of the day.

 I alos am beautiful theatrical work is confused, "fear 24 hours instead" , " escape from prison "  one market market chases after one season season look, alreadypassed a lot of years insensibly. I also like this TV  . watch it every day since the show started !In the seris, there are many classic. Many fans follow the series because of all the pretty faces, especially stunner Tiffany Tang, 31, and the well-dressed Wallace Chung, 40. However, the show’s success is also due to the tremendous fan base its original Web novel Silent Separation has accumulated since 2003. 

The novel tells the story about the two lovers separate in the university  and are given a second chance in about 7 years later. He Yichen  and  Zhao Mosheng  fall in love in college but separate due to misunderstandings. Seven years later, fate tosses them together again. They work hard to resolve their misunderstandings and, in the end, become happily married and gave birth to a lovely child.

The TV drama attracts me notjust for the sake of the novel.  but also because it depicts my ideal romance. Whether they admit it or not, every girl dreams of having a handsome man chase after them . Well, He Yichen is just that.  As one of the  famous lawyers in China, he is cute, competent, rational and rich. But after getting married, the seemingly cold lawyer gives Zhao a dream wedding, cooks for her, picks her up after work and protects her anytime she needs it - almost everything a dream husband should do. This is every girl's dream!

Also, what makes the TV drama stand out among so many counterparts is the experiential proximity it creates for the audience. The love between the main couple is touching but not overstated. It is not only a fantasy or a daydream that takes the audience away but also an experience that can occur in our daily lives.

This TV is a success, at least for me. It maintains the beauty of the novel, adds cute faces to create a feast for the eyes, satisfies many girls’ fantasies about love, and most importantly, encourages all of us to seize every available opportunity to embrace happiness.